Deck Additions

A Planners Guide to Scheduling a Deck Addition Contractor Bel Air MD
Deck Additions

A Planner’s Guide to Scheduling a Deck Addition

There are several factors that determine when the best time to undertake a deck construction project may be, and it is smart to weigh all these considerations thoroughly when settling on timing. Many homeowners’ instinct is to build the deck during the warm summer months so they can immediately start enjoying the new outdoor living space.

A Planners Guide to Scheduling a Deck Addition Contractor Bel Air MDHowever, building in the peak of summer is often not the best option. Building in extreme heat can also be taxing on the construction crew. And summer is the most popular time for outdoor construction across all home improvement projects, so material costs are often higher due to increased demand. For these reasons, it is usually better to plan the deck build during the spring or fall instead. So what should you do then? Contact your contractor now and get on their schedule for fall or spring! Otherwise – they may very well be booked up.

Late winter through early spring is an ideal window to begin planning the project and scheduling the contractor, as their calendars tend to book up once spring sets in. Building the deck in the spring when temperatures are mild provides plenty of comfortable working days for the build team.

Importantly, spring construction allows the wood to properly cure over several weeks before the hot summer sun potentially causes damage. Precipitation levels are also lower in spring compared to fall, minimizing delays. And planning the timing around spring can save money, as material costs are lower compared to peak summer. The key trade-off is that planning for a spring deck does require the homeowners wait several months before fully enjoying the new space, compared to building in late summer.

But if the priority is ensuring quality construction without delays, along with maximizing long-term durability, then undertaking the deck build in spring or early summer is likely the optimal choice. Taking the time to carefully consider all these factors will help homeowners determine the ideal timeframe to initiate their deck construction project.

What Type of Deck Should I Add to my Home West Chester Deck Contractor
Deck Additions

What Type of Deck Should I Add to My Home?

Decks, the ultimate outdoor sanctuaries, offer an expansive canvas for unleashing your creativity. Picture this: a magnificent space adorned with an outdoor kitchen, a bubbling hot tub, plush lounge furniture, or even a crackling fire pit. The possibilities are boundless! Yet, decks offer far more than a mere haven for outdoor enjoyment. They bestow upon your property a trifecta of desirability: heightened value, irresistible aesthetic appeal, and practical storage capacity. As an added perk, decks curtail the expanse of landscaping that demands constant upkeep.

What Type of Deck Should I Add to my Home West Chester Deck Contractor

Decking Material Choices

There are multiple choices available for your new deck. Depending on your home design, backyard and landscaping, one or more of these may be the right fit:

  • Pressure-Treated Wood
  • Cedar
  • Exotic or Hardwood
  • Fiberglass
  • Composite

Pool Deck

Elevating your poolside experience, wood decking emerges as a top selection. Its remarkable slip-resistance ensures safety for barefoot guests, while its comforting texture adds a touch of luxury. Unlike other materials, wood doesn’t retain excessive heat, maintaining a pleasant surface even on scorching days. However, be mindful of a minor consideration—wood requires treatment with a finishing sealer to prevent potential splinters. With this precaution in place, embrace the allure of wood decking and indulge in a poolside oasis like no other.

Alternatives to wood decking include:

  • Flagstone
  • Concrete
  • Travertine
  • Pavers
  • Acrylic
  • Brick
  • Composite

What Type of Deck Should I Add to my Home West Chester PA Decking ContractorStyle & Placement

Deck styles possess a remarkable ability to harmonize with homes, aligning in size, shape, and aesthetic grace. Each deck style exudes versatility, adapting effortlessly to various architectural wonders. However, certain deck styles possess a profound symbiosis with specific home types, weaving an intricate tapestry of design unity. The synergy between decks and homes becomes an art form, where the perfect pairing elevates both structures to breathtaking levels of beauty and coherence.

Low Square: Creates a seamless transition from your home to backyard, much like a patio. The perfect backyard extension in some situations.

Second Story: Perfect for the home with gorgeous trees and extensive natural surrounds to take in.

Custom Shapes: Large rectangle or square decks get a huge ‘flare’ bonus by adding an angled corner or two. Adding just that simple adjustment softens the lines and creates a bit of personality to your deck design. The same goes for curved designs, built in benches, wraparounds, and built in pergolas within a portion of your deck!

Multi-story: Usually these decks are an extension of your indoor space that flow outdoors and extend down to the ground floor, sometimes to a pool area. Fabulous for the hosting type property.

Regardless of the type of deck you choose, remember that it should be one that fits your life style and your home’s design. Make it one that your family will enjoy and you’ll never look back.